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Operating Paddy Husker Machine in Right Method  
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queenazhang writes,  May 21, 2015

The Paddy Husker Machine operator is supposed to pay attention to the following points to ensure safety in operating, inspecting and serving Paddy Husker Machine.
(1) Operator must contain long hair in a hair cover and neatly wear clothes and shoes that are suitable for work. When carrying out any inspection or maintenance, wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet and safety shoes.

(2) Keep clean the surroundings and passages around Paddy Husker Machine.

(3) Do not pour water over the machine. Water in the machine shorts the electric circuits, consequently causing the machine to break down.

(4) Do not fail to ground the machine in order to protect a person from being involved in electric accidents and to prevent fires from occurring due to current leaks.

(5) Never touch the live parts inside Paddy Huller after turning on power.

(6) Do not permit any person who has not been properly trained to operate or service the machine.

(7) Keep out any person other than those permitted by the operator. Never let children come close to the machine.

(8) Do not fail to inspect Rice Huller before starting operation. When carrying out any inspection work, always power off and clearly indicate that the machine is under inspection or maintenance both in the 
control room and control panel at the work shop.

(9) Always power off before inspection and maintenance and follow the appropriate lock out procedure. After the inspection, make sure that there are no tools left.

(10) Check for any looseness or damage on bolts, nuts and belts. Make sure to restore the cover after the checking.

(11) Check for any damages on power cords and wire cables. Also, check for any looseness or disconnection of connectors and plugs.

(12) Operate the machine with all covers attached. Do not attempt to remove any cover during the machine operation.

(13) Always stop the machine before greasing the driving part of the machine.

(14) Operator should well understand the power off procedure for a case of emergency.

(15) When working with two or more persons, each person must confirm communication with others before starting work.

Paddy husker machine operators should notice the above tips in case of causing incident. And that will bring much trouble for rice mill plants.


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