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CCD Rice Color Sorter Designed by Our Factory Has  
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queenazhang writes,  May 19, 2015

Rice Color Sorter is sophisticated electronic devices that accomplish the task of accurately sorting grains, seeds and spices. The machines are based on the principle that seeds and spices are sorted according to the color variation. The embedded microprocessors and highly effective scanners do the trick of sorting the grains efficiently and precisely.

Usage of these machines become imperative when you consider the fact that seeds and spices are prone to get adulterated by foreign agents like dust particles, dissimilar particles and infected particles. These machines get us rid of these unwanted and unhealthy adulterations which tend to degrade the quality of seeds and spices.

CCD Rice Color Sorter designed by our factory has the follow features:
1.The CCD Rice Color Sorter uses2048 high-performance CCD image sensor with resolution up to 0.04mm ,to perceive the tiny color difference of local material. 
2. Using linear array image scanning technology , high-speed intelligent image acquisition system;
3. Using the most advanced U.S. technology for programming device , and the embedded software operation platform make system more stable , response faster and function more powerful;
4. The system is added to special algorithm , such as shape selection, and area algorithm , to solve problems like sorting some kinds of beans according to their shape , color , and area at the same time and expand the scope of application of color sorter , and make multi-function , multi species of color sorting come true;
5. Using double row led light source equipment with cooling system is more stability and has a longer lift time. 
6. Using different slide according to different materials , no need to change light source , and it is suitable for a variety of industrial products , beans , nuts , grains and other particles and sheet material;
7. Using of V type , U type , flat slide , and special technology to ensure product stability and reliability;
8. Integrating more than 10 global exclusive patent technology

There are many types of Rice Color Sorters available in the market today, some of the notable ones are listed below:

1) White pepper sorter

2) Onion seeds sorter

3) Dehydrated peas sorter

4) White rice sorter

5) Coffee sorter

6) Split red lentils sorter

All of the above-mentioned rice color sorters are equipped with high-functioning microprocessors and high resolution scanners which are responsible for the big task of sorting seeds and spices. These machines are the reason behind uniformly sorted seeds and spices packed in bags. Wintone Machinery exports and supplies rice color sorter and some other rice processing machines global. If you have a rice mill plant, you must know much about rice color sorter machine. Any problem about rice color sorter, please consult us without hesitation. Our Professional staffs will give you construction ideas.



Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com

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