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The Big Market of Corn Polishing Machine in the Fu  
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starchmachine writes,  May 15, 2015

According to market demands and human requirements and advice, we also have technical transformation to the corn polishing machine, which laid a solid foundation for corn processing equipment further development.

The corn polishing machine is mainly used in pretreatment of corn processing line. It is used for removing the hard shell of maize and grinding the maize so as to enable the next milling step of the maize. CORN POLISHING MACHINE is the most competitive product of our company with distribution of over 30 countries and regions such as Korea, South America, Russia and Africa. Corn polishing machine is a professional equipment to mainly remove corn germ, corn black spot and some corn bran.

Corn polishing machine and hulling machine introduction:

1, This machine is designed to remove germ and polish corn grits.

2, This machine is a new one for hulling, removing germ and polishing

3, The corn can be processed into kernel only once.


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