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KK writes,  January 18, 2009

Hi Sandee,

This site is incredible. I have been n 12 step recovery for quite a few years and am on day 35 in CEA-HOW.

Much of what your site is about are tools that helped me get abstinent in OA over 4 years ago. Donna Gates and the Body Ecology program helped me begin a healing journey of a lifelong of physical illness and profound food addiction alongside the 12 steps. I am now in CEA-HOW (not OA as mentioned above) as I am a volume, binge eater and so although I was eating no sugar in OA and vigorously working the steps, I was still compulsively eating. I am so grateful for CEA-HOW.

One of my questions is about cocnut kefir. This probiotic, healing drink helped me get abstinent in OA, stay of sugar, curb sugar cravings and of course repleneshed my colon with high doses of probiotics. I really miss it! I have experienced the benefits directly of this tonic but have abstained from it since it is not on the CEA-HOW food plan.

I am committed to following what is written in the food plan. I also believe people like you and myself are pioneers... ahead of the game in many of the health benefits of food. A lot of my fellows eat out of cans and microwaves and while that is abstinent and wonderful... that is toxic for me. I am still new to this particular fellowhip and don't want to assume I know better. I also want to honor what I know in my bones to be the health my body desires... eating organically, etc.

Most people in the rooms are not familiar with cocnut kefir and so I have not been drinking it. Do you have experience with this? It has helped me so much! My doctor has suggested I have it in my food plan, but I am really looking to speak with a fellow familiar with this before I do so.

Thank you again for the gift of this site!



Sandee writes,  January 23, 2009

Hi kk,

I love your enthusiasm!  I have not heard of coconut kefir, is it made from coconut milk?  If it is, I was told that we can't have that...however...I do use plain keifer, (1 Cup is a serving) and if you add Frontier's alcohol free coconut extract and your stevia or 0 cal sweetener that would be abstinent....could that work for you?

Have a great day!


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