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Rice Polishing Machine Structure and Our Rice Colo  
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queenazhang writes,  May 13, 2015

A rice polishing machine comprises a rotatable shaft, a polishing roll mounted on the shaft for rotation therewith, and a perforated cylindrical polishing assembly disposed in substantially concentric relation to the shaft. The cylindrical polishing assembly has its inner circumferential surface which cooperates with an outer circumferential surface of the polishing roll to define therebetween a polishing chamber. Partition wall members engage with an outer circumferential surface of the cylindrical polishing assembly at a location below an axis of the shaft for dividing the outer circumferential surface into an arcuate bottom surface section and the remaining arcuate surface section and for defining an upper space to which the bottom surface section is exposed and a lower space to which the remaining surface section is exposed. An air delivery device delivers air such that the air is introduced from the lower space into the polishing chamber through apertures in the bottom surface section and then to be introduced from the polishing chamber into the upper space through apertures in the remaining surface section. The air introduced from the lower space into the polishing chamber through the apertures in the bottom surface section of the perforated cylindrical polishing assembly imparts an upward force to the rice grains which are liable to be collected and stagnated in the lower portion of the polishing chamber, to thereby make the rice grains uniform in density around the entire polishing chamber.

We sincerely wish to cooperate with global Rice Color Sorter dealers to together market our rice color sorter machine.

 The color of each rice bean is quickly measured using a type of CCD camera system and depending on this wavelength measurement the bean is either allowed to flow downward or is shot with a puff of air into the reject pile.


Our rice color sorter advantages:

· Optical resolution at 0.2mm, with simultaneous control of clear and dark sensitivity, together with dimensional control of the defects

· Highly concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors, allowing to operate with elevated working rhythm and maximum precision

· Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device

· Flexible and user-friendly

· Possibility to have simultaneous product resort

· Possibility to add sloping chutes for sorter upgrading or production increase

· Possibility to have NIR or UV configurations

· Lighting system with neon lamps, easily available on market

· Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration





Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com



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