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Corn flour mill crisis and chances in new times  
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Win Tone writes,  May 13, 2015

Affected by global economic crisis, corn flour mill industry also faces depression. Maize milling technology in China and abroad strikes the market, bringing big economic pressure to corn flour mill manufacturers. 


Faced with depressive market, corn flour mill manufacturers should improve scientific technology, upgrading products to realize development of corn flour mill industry. Meanwhile, The government should lend a hand to help the market get over the depressive period. Government should issue solutions to decrease acquisition costs of raw materials for corn flour mill manufacturers.


The manufacturers should reduce energy consumptions at maximum by bring in advanced machinery, enhancing operation efficiency and decreasing management and financial costs.


It is a network technology era, corn flour mill manufacturer should also make full use of the platform to enhance market popularity by promoting on the internet. Only by mutual hard work of the corn flour mill manufacturer and the government, can the corn flour mill industry get better development in market depression.



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