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How to Guarantee Pulse Dust Collector Machine Life  
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paomo writes,  April 30, 2015

The pulse dust collector machine is suitable for grinding the dry and crisp materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff. It integrates grinding and dust collecting, and it is not suitable for grinding materials of low softening point and large viscosity.


Features and Advantages of Pulse Dust Collector Machine:
1. High-efficiency. This pulse dust collector can be used to purify dusty gas with particle diameter more than 0.1μ M.
2. Collection efficiency can reach more than 99.5% in general, stable and reliable performance, easy operation.
3. Strong adaptability. This pulse dust collector can capture various properties dust, and the collection efficiency isn't affected by dust or resistance properties. When the net gas chamber and the pressure difference to setting of the dust chamber, pulse control meter control pulse valve open, compressed air through the holes on the spray torch, for each column for blowing dust filter bag.


As we all know, the qualified spare parts ensure the high-efficiency of bag filter. It also have advantages of full automation, high-efficiency, easy maintenance. Fine and low-density dust enter dust chamber and cling to the surface of the filter bags.






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