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PLC Control System of Pulse Dust Collector Machine  
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starchmachine writes,  April 23, 2015

Principle of Pulse Dust Collector Operation:
After dust-laden air enters the pulse dust collector, due to sudden expanding airflow end and the role of air distribution plate, some of the large particles falls into hopper because of gravity and inertia; other small and tiny particle comes into filtering chamber, then deposits on medias outer surfaces because of brownian motion and fiber interception. The clean air emerges into the cleaned air chamber and from there it is discharged.


The resistance of PULSE DUST COLLECTOR increases in accordance with expanding of dust concentration. When reaching a set point, the pulse valve of cleaning system jets a high speed&pressure airflow to clean the dust. That time PLC controls the on&off of the pulse valve.

While opening, the compressed air in pulse dust collector enters the inner of filter cartridge equably, creates immediate pressure and great surge, and dislodges the dust layer falling into waste drums.
And to clean other cartridges according to priority. The filter cartridges on the top will be firstly pulse cleaning. Then pulse controller will choose the secondary cartridges for pulse cleaning.





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