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The Constituent Part of Pulse Dust Collector  
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paomo writes,  April 14, 2015

The dominant part of the pulse dust collector is the filter which is made by special high polymer material. When it processes the fogs, inner of the dust collector adds fog removal element, making the result get high-point.

All of the parameter of PULSE DUST COLLECTOR could be customized. Application scope: suitable for all kinds of dry dust, especially for the low intake dust concentration industry. Pulse dust collector can be treated as the center dust cleaning. Also the air compressor intake filtration. Easy for installing. Saving the space. The construction of obturation can avoid the inlet of the humidity and large dust. And using the PTFE membrane filter cartridge, with the suitable fan suction and inspiration setting.

Pulse Dust Collector Application Field: Shipbuilding, Tobacco, Spraying, Blasting, Pharmacy, Steel, Petrochemical, Chemical and some other industries.





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