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Corn flour mill common problems in operation  
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Win Tone writes,  March 30, 2015

With people’s living standard improving, our demand for food is realizing diversification, relaxation and greenization. And CORN FLOUR MILL meets this requirement very well. By corn flour mill, we can produce various kinds of corn food. Corn flour mill, as a kind of machine, will have some breakdowns after long-time operation. This requires us to keep a good maintenance on the machine.

Now let’s analyze the 5 common breakdown. 

1. High temperature. If the machine has too high temperature, we can loosen the grinder roll. If the grinder roll has a serious abrasion, we should mend it or change it in time. Especially in summer, if the corn flour mill has too high temperature, we can make the machine stop for heat dissipation. 

2. No powder or less powder. Then we should check the screen whether it is blocked. 

3. No bran. Then we may consider that the main shaft has a wrong rotation direction, or the reel sealing is untight or the screen is broken. 

4. Shaking machine body. Then we can tighten the connecting bolt between the grinding head and the rack. 

5. Declining output. We can adjust the spring and make sure of the unanimous intervals of the two ends of the grinder roll and mend the abrasive grinding teeth.

These are the main breakdowns and solutions common in the operation. It is also suitable for corn flour mill and corn peeling machine maintenance. We should abide by the correct operation principles and keep a good maintenance of the machine to prolong its service life. Corn processing machine has so many types and models. We have to spend lots of time and efforts on choice. Furthermore, the cost on the machine including maintenance charges is always high. Therefore, it is quite important to make clear of the common breakdowns of the machine and solutions.



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