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Analyzing Wheat Flour Grinding Machine Development  
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paomo writes,  March 18, 2015

Wheat flour grinding machine reduces the labor intensity greatly and raises the labor efficiency. In addition, it provides an effective method to avoid wheat being rotten because of not grinding wheat in time. Only by mutual hard work of the wheat flour grinding machine manufacturer and the government, can the wheat flour milling machine industry get better development in market depression.

WHEAT FLOUR GRINDING MACHINE is comprised of a rack, a multifunctional feeding device, two pairs of stripping rollers, a differential pressure transmitter and a drive system. A control baffle is arranged at the bottom of the feeding device, which can not only ensure the orderly feeding of ears of popcorn to avoid blockage occurred, but also increase the debarking clean rate of husk leaves. 

Wheat flour grinding machine is mainly suitable for single use, also can be used in small flour mills and other equipment. Also, the differential pressure transmitter is of great important to improve the quality of grinding wheat and increase the productivity of grinding device. These two pairs of stripping rollers are driven through two gears. 




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