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Win Tone writes,  March 18, 2015

DESTONER MACHINE is newly designed high efficient equipment specially for the cleaning of corn (maize). Destoner machine adopts the most advanced “Reverse cleaning theory”, it is employed for the efficient removal of high-density matter and low-density impurities from the grain stream which provides additional protection to downstream process, and wear is reduced significantly. Gravity Destoner is a wonderful choice for grain intensive processing plants both in china and overseas.

Destoner machine can effectively separate the light stone which has the similar granularity with cereal granules. It can also separate the high density particles, such as pebble, glass and metal so as to reduce the abrasion to the next processing section equipment by the impurities. 

Destoner machine can also clean oat, buckwheat, barley, millet and many other cereals and can be used in brewing, destilling and ethyl alcohol producing. 

Destoner machine technological innovation makes everyone of this line have new hope. Destoner machines with new models, new design and new functions continuously spring up. In china, with destoner machine technological innovation, people’s life quality is improved to a new level. Destoner machine can process corn into corn grits and corn flour, which is the basic raw material for various food cooking. And many people achieved great success in destoner machine industry. 

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