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Ten Parts of Edible Oil Refining Machine Function  
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queenazhang writes,  March 17, 2015

Ten Parts of Edible Oil Refining Machine Function Introduction


1. Neutralization Tank: used for acid refining, alkali refining or washing.




2. Bleaching Tank: used for bleaching oil & removing pigment.




3. Deodorizing Tank: used for removing the odour of oil (made of stainless steel).




4. Conduction Oil Furnace: provide production with heat source, and the temperature can 


reach 280 °C.

5. Vacuum Pump: provide vacuum degree for bleaching & deodorizing process,  which can reach above755mmHg


6. Air Compressor: weather bleaching earth used in the bleaching process


7. Filter Press: filtrate the bleaching earth 


8. Steam Generator: produce steam for deodorization and distillation process


9. Leaf Filter: filtrate the bleaching earth & impurities. 

Our factory is specialized in crude Edible Oil Refining Machine. We can provide cooking oil refining machine from 1 ton to 600 tons. The popular capacity is mini crude oil refinery from 1-5 tons, small scale oil refinery from 5-20 tons and other oil refinery from 20-600 tons.



Email: wintone15@wintonemachinery.com




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