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Christina writes,  January 05, 2009

My sister is also on the no four/ no sugar diet (she was introduced to it by overeaters anonymous).  OA told her not to drink caffeine, claiming that it induces hunger.

I started the no flour/no sugar diet recently (as a lifestyle change, not to lose weight).  Has anybody else heard this about caffeine? What do people think?

Sandee writes,  January 06, 2009

I've heard that from some too...personally, I think that it's a personal decision and you need to see if it effects you in that way.  I drink it and do not have a problem with it, in fact I think if it has any effect on me appetite wise, it's a benefit....but that's me.

Sandee writes,  August 04, 2010

I have to add that I have learned that caffeine did effect my cravings too.  I was drinking Pepsi Max and got to where I was having 2 or 3 - 24 oz bottles a day.  I started getting really hungry about 2 hours after lunch and obsessing about dinner....the amount that I was drinking really threw off my blood sugar....I stopped and the cravings did too.  I still drink green tea with caffeine and have had a few regular diet colas over the past month and I'm back to normal....my digestive system has to readjust thoug : (

mi75 writes,  August 09, 2010

when on program, i also choose to avoid caffeine. i'm not sure if the caffeine is a hunger stimulant in itself, but many ingredients in soda ARE appetite stimulants. also, if you read a pop bottle, it's really just a can of chemicals. i was an addict to regular mt. dew- it's very hard to get off of that. but your body will thank you for leaving all those toxins out of our diet. good luck!

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