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paomo writes,  March 06, 2015

Some large wheat milling machinery uses the production technology to produce 3 types of basic flour. Though the product value improves, the wheat flour in the front milling process is expensive, leading to poor selling in the market; the ash content in the rear milling process is high, which on the contrary is inferior to some small wheat milling plants.

The WHEAT MILLING MACHINERY is equipped with three layers of grinding roller, when they rotate along with supports, the material is thrown to the grinding ring, and the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring is ground into powder, the oversized is return for grinding and the qualified is collected.


Our electric wheat milling machinery can mill fresh and fine wheat flour. They can also be used in small scale and medium food processing factories whose scope covers grain, condiment and traditional Chinese medicine or wheat flour milling plants. Wheat flour food around us every day. However, quite a few adults and children are not very clear with how to mill wheat into flour. We can have a good knowledge of wheat milling plant technology. And our wheat milling machinery is energy saving and time-saving for farmers. There are baffles in the discharging holes of the storage barrels, which can adjust the discharging flow.




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