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What?s Gravity Rice Destoner Machine Principle?  
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queenazhang writes,  January 20, 2015

Rice Destoner Machine is mainly applicable for grain processing factories to separate from wheat and rice the impurities, which have higher specific gravity than that the grain has, such as stones of approximately the same size and shame with grain kernels. It also can be used to separate heavy impurities from other grains.

Using the difference of specific gravity and suspending speed between grains and stones, and by means of air stream passing up through space of grain kernels, the stoner separates stones from grains. The heavy impurities such as stones having the same size and shame with grain kernels are in the lower layer and move to the stone outlet by means of directional, slope and reciprocating movement of stoning sieve plate, while grains floating in the upper layer roll under self gravity to discharge outlet, so as to separate from grains the stones having the same size and shame with grain kernels.

Supply Rice Destoning Machine for rice mill project. In addition to rice destoner machine, we also offer other rice milling machinery such as:

Husking Machines

Separating Machines

Whitening Machines

Polishing Machines

Grading Machines

Color Sorting Machines, Packing machines, etc.

We supply turn-key rice processing line for customers. Welcome click our website for more information about our rice mill machinery.



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