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Four Matters Need Attention about Wheat Flour Mill  
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starchmachine writes,  January 20, 2015

We have various wheat flour milling machine which are high quality, low noise to mill fine flour. I will sample introduce some matters need attention about wheat flour mill.

1. It's necessary to make maintenance and safe operating rules in order to ensure the normal working of the flour mill plant. At the same time, the workshop should be equipped with some necessary overhauling tools, lubricating grease and parts.

2. In the using of a WHEAT FLOUR MILLING MACHINE, the operating persons should know certain technical knowledge on the flour mill plant. They should have special technical training before the installation of the plant to know its working principle and performance and be familiar with its operating specifications.

3. It's necessary to turn off the wheat flour mill to have a careful check in a serious situation. Check the temperature of the bearings often. If the temperature is too high, you should see whether the lubrication and transmission parts work normally, whether the roll clearance is too tight. Find out the reasons in time and take appropriate action.


4. After a period of using, you should do some repairing on wheat flour mill plant. At the same time, repair and change the grinding rollers, grinding rings and scraper knives of the machine. It's also necessary to do a careful check on the bolt and nut plugs of the grinding rollers before their using and after their using to see whether they loosen or not.


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