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Mechanical Parts Maintenance of Potato Starch Mach  
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paomo writes,  January 20, 2015

It is suitable for small or middle starch production line. Potato starch machinery includes: washing machine, feeding machine, grinding machine, drum separating machine, mixing machine, drying machine.   The reduction in process area and transport costs is also an attractive and valued factor.

Equipment Characteristics POTATO STARCH MACHINERY:

1) The machine adopts countercurrent washing principle, cleaning effect well, can effectively.

2) Reasonable feeding way, be helpful for workshop equipment. The reasonable layout. 

3) The machine runs smoothly, material lower breakage, there is for the extraction of starch.

4) The machine structure is simple with large capacity, effective cleaning, energy and water saving. 

5) The machine is widely used in cassava starch/flour processing industry.


The potato starch machinery feed hopper contains a twin screw conveyor which distributes the chopped roots into the different feed units of the rasping-hopper.  Whether or not the purchaser of the starch re-slurries the material for further treatment is irrelevant, but it is important to move the starch within a few days of production especially in hot weather (alternatively cold storage) to prevent deterioration of the product.




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