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Two ways of cassava starch production line working  
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paomo writes,  January 12, 2015

As we all know, one kilogram of cassava starch requires 4.4 kilograms of fresh cassava roots at its starch content of 25%. In China, the large-scale cassava starch processing facilities with advanced processing machines and technology have been replacing those primitive and small-scale factories.

According to the studies, the CASSAVA STARCH PRODUCTION LINE processing methods could be divided into two processes; traditional and modern. Their details are as follows: The traditional process, usually practiced in the small-scale factories, is able to separate starch from fresh cassava roots by crushing and then submerging the cassava under the water.  Most starch factories buy cassava roots from growers in their neighborhood, directly or through agents. Some factories, however, own their cassava plantations. Modern processing plants usually contract various growers in the area to supply roots. 


The modern process, practiced in the large-and-medium-scale factories relies on numbers of highly efficient cassava starch production line equipment and machines; Grinding the starch with the high-speed rasper. Then extract the protein by the machine called “Decanter”. Dry the cake in the flash dryer. This process requires only short period of time and provides superior quality of starch.




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