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How to Improve the Wheat Roller Mill Automatic Sys  
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paomo writes,  January 12, 2015

To convey the <a href="http://www.wheat-flour-mill.org/PRODUCTS/">wheat roller mill</a>  and semi finished product, we adopt fans and also screw conveyor. Pneumatic conveying system and mechanical lifting system are used together. This combined system can decrease the noise, make lower the dust, reduce the power consumption and improve the reliability.

The wheat flour milling machine is installed in tripod structure workshop. It has the characteristics of compact structure, steady capability, less investment, fast effect, convenient operation, lower power consumption, high flour extraction, and excellent flour quality.
Brief introductions of WHEAT ROLLER MILL:

1.      Technology in cleaning part: One screen, one scour, one washer.

2.      Technology in flour milling part: two sets of 6F1820 double roller mill, consisting of the milling technology of flour break, two reduction, one bran brusher

3.      Total length of the roller: 800mm.

4.      Production capacity: 10 tons of wheat/24H.

5.      Power supply: About37kW.

6.      Container:20’×1


To improve the quality of the wheat flour milling machine and wheat roller mill and our techniques level, our company has been improving the technology of the wheat roller mill available.


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