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starchmachine writes,  December 25, 2014

Energy consumption is not only driven by the pursuit of maximum profits, but also the whole world development trend. Improvement work efficiency and eliminate the unnecessary energy consumption are two main effective measures to save your energy cost. The most important features of Our <a href='http://www.wheat-flour-mill.org/PRODUCTS/">WHEAT ROLLER MILL</a>  is energy conservation.

Generally speaking, wheat flour making process by wheat roller mill can be divided into wheat cleaning, batching, degerming process and grinding process.

First, Wheat Cleaning

Cleaning is the first process of making wheat flour. It is aimed to remove the foreign material such as dust, stone, straw and others out of wheat. 

Second, Batching 

In order to maintain its moisture, clean wheat is feed into blender. Water sprinkles are installed inside to spray some water for around 5-10minnutes.

Third, degerming Process 

Forth, grinding process

Wheat is of high utilization ratio and rich nutrition, even its byproduct. So it is called ‘future grain’, and the corn comprehensive utilization is one of the profitable project in flour milling industry.  Reducing the energy consumption of wheat roller mill is an effective way to cut down cost and improve high profit.


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