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High Quality Wheat Milling Plant Cleaning Process  
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paomo writes,  December 25, 2014

The complete set <a href="http://www.wheat-flour-mill.org/PRODUCTS/“>wheat milling plant is composed of cleaning part, peeling & degerming, and grits/flour making part. From the corm, after processed by this equipment, you can get high quality food materials such as low fat wheat grits (size adjustable), wheat flour, even high precision corn oil (oil press equipment not included in this complete set). 

First: Power is a vital indictor of your production operations. You can save the unnecessary energy consumption by having a strict control of wheat flour milling machine maintenance plan, minimizing down time, and cutting down the maintenance fee.
Second: Having a complete understanding of power usage in each workshop is the primary step of energy saving. You should have a rough realization of the energy consumption in each workshop and specific wheat processing equipment.
Third: Divide the whole process into different periods according to the energy utilization. Adjust the high energy consumption process to the low energy utilization period is a great way suitable to secondary production process such as the cleaning process, degerming step and shelling process. It could make a maximum advantage of energy during a particular period.

After cleaning and degerming, wheat can be feed into grinding machine. Wheat milling plant is close to the final part of wheat grits. After grinding process, wheat flour and meal mixed product will be separated by screening machine.




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