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Seeds dehulling machine Bearing Attentions  
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Win Tone writes,  December 25, 2014

Seeds dehulling machine consists of many different parts. Bearing is one important part. Problem of seeds dehulling machine bearing may cause the production halting. Then what should we do when it happens?

No matter corn processing equipment, wheat flour mill or seeds dehulling machine, when the inner seeds dehulling machine bearing, trap and the rolling element are damaged seriously, they should be changed in time. When the seeds dehulling machine bearing is abraded, we can adopt welding method to mend it sometimes. For example, when the bearing runs inside and outside of the circle, we can stop surfacing to the shaft neck and the inner hole of the end cap by electrowelding, and then process the material into the required size with lathe. 

Weld preheating shaft and the end cap inner hole is preheated to 150-250. We usually adopt J507Fe welding rod for the bearing. And we use the ordinary welding rod for the end cap inner hole. After welding, we should bury it into the lime powder for slow cooling and control the cold shortness phenomenon caused by shock cooling. When we mend the SEEDS DEHULLING MACHINE bearing by electrowelding, we should pay attention to the following points:

1)When the concentricity adjusted value is not more than 0.015mm, we should avoid too large noise from high-speed rotation and heat generated from vibration, which can reduce the service life span of the motor.

2)When the motor shaft neck is less then 40mm, we can adopt the method of 6-8 equally divided parts line-shape surfacing. When the motor shaft neck is more than 40mm, we can adopt full surfacing method. This is decided by the transmission force of the seeds dehulling machine bearing output power. No matter which method, we should notice to adopt continuous electrode manipulation and symmetric welding to avoid too large change of the seeds dehulling machine bearing concentricity. 

3)During lathe processing, the turning roughness of the motor shaft under 11KW should be controlled at about 3.2. After 11KW motor shaft and end cap hole turning, we’d better use grinder for fine processing to ensure the quality. 

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