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Corn Flour Mill Plays Important Role in Agricultur  
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queenazhang writes,  December 05, 2014


With the help of the <a href="http://www.wintone-machinery.com/products/">corn flour mill </a>plant, we can achieve the continuous feeding working, the structure of its machine is very simple and easy; it is very easy to operating, but during its producing period, it would produces a little noise and without dust; it can grinding the material into the fine and smooth powder, so it is been widely used in some supermarkets, shopping malls counters and processing shop site to field processing all kinds of the whole grains, it is been widely used.

With the help of the Corn Flour Mill , we can grinding all kinds of the food and the Chinese herbal medicines into uniformity powder, the size of those uniformity powder is 50~200. The working principle of the corn flour mill plant is using the two abrasive discs, which has a lot of the teeth grooves on its surface, when the grind is running, the food and the Chinese herbal medicines would be ground to a powder.

The application area of the corn flour mill plant is widely, for example, we can using it to producing some foods, such as the rice, black rice, corns, yellow bean, mung bean, peanuts and lotus seed, etc; it also can producing some medicinal materials, such as the almonds, hawthorn, red jujube, donkey-hide gelatin and red bean, etc.







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