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Wheat Flour Milling Machine Speciality Introduct  
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wheat roller mill writes,  December 05, 2014

Our <a href="http://www.wheat-flour-mill.org/">wheat flour milling machine</a>  is energy saving and time-saving for farmers. There are baffles in the discharging holes of the storage barrels, which can adjust the discharging flow. Wheat comes into the crushing machine through discharging holes to get preliminary crushing. Some wheat surface is separated from the wheat germs.   

It can free farmers from manual labor to wheat flour mill within the shortest time. WHEAT FLOUR MILLING MACHINE full automatic and multifunctional that can grind other grains such as rice, wheat, sorghum, barley and buckwheat. Before mill the wheat into flour, they are sent to the storage barrels for temporary, whose aim it to guarantee the next feeding with an uniform flow. It’s easy to operate and we have different sizes and final products. Wheat is put into the feeding hole first, the input quantity is controlled by the feeding hole flapper. The flour milled by burrstone mill maintains the original of wheat grain. Resorting to its pliability, burrstone mill flour has been the first choice of various kinds of pasta. It is natural and nutritional.

Compared to the traditional wheat flour mill, it keeps the nutrition of the flour milled by wheat flour mill. Then they are sent to the de-stoner and sieve which will screen out some impurities smaller than wheat kernels like dirty and sands. The screened wheat will again be through the coarse sieves, selecting out the impurities bigger than the materials. The wheat flows into the dampener in which wheat kernels and water are fully stirred.


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