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Public Praise of Wheat Roller Mill at Home and Ab  
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Vita-Mix Super 5200
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paomo writes,  November 24, 2014

Pneumatic wheat roller mill absorbs all the advantages of the famous roller mill both at home and abroad, structure unique novelty; cast iron base, steel board body, high precision and more beautiful appearance. Pneumatically regulated, automatic servo feeders for feed-roll and spreader-screw or double feed-roll. Helical gears for drive transmission between grinding rolls.

Assist the servo-feeding system, the flow of the stock can be adjust automatically via the servo system. WHEAT ROLLER MILL has the following advantages: steady grinding efficiency, high extraction, simple maintenance and operation.  Product circulation between pneumatic wheat roller mill and quadrate plan sifter continues until achieved to the desirable result.

The product took into wheat roller mill from glass inlet nozzle has been distributed homogeneously between grinder's mill balls turning against each others, in order to be ground by means of roller for grains. Upper enclosed housing in welded steel construction, lower enclosed housing in cast steel construction. With two grinding units horizontally arranged, one on both wheat roller mill sides, each equipped with power-integrated bearing packs and vibration absorbers.


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