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Main Application Summarization of Wheat Roller mil  
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wheat roller mill writes,  November 19, 2014

The wheat roller mill is mainly used for refining high viscosity materials in oil paint, printing ink, color paint and plastic industries. It is especially suitable for processing materials with high viscosity and fineness. The wheat roller mill should fully makes use of local advantages.


Different capacity machine line has different number of scourer, screen and stoner. To begin with, we are a professional manufacturer of WHEAT ROLLER MILL. We can provide spare part equipment of one year and quality guarantee period of one year. The product structure should be in the condition of raw material market. If it needs purchase wheat from other places, the wheat milling machine should make sure it is a long last business as a stable raw material supply guarantees steady flour quality.



Wheat roller mill is the flow grader for online product stream. It is useful for multi gradation in one pass. The roller, which is hung by bearing and pendulum shaft, will roll along the inner circle of the roll ring while the hanger is rotating.



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