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MPJT Series Rice Polishing Machine Market Requirem  
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queenazhang writes,  November 14, 2014

Rice Polisher Machine gives superior whiteness to rice and is well suited for Raw and single boiled Rices. Rice Polishing Machine is abrasive machine that use talc or some other very fine dust to buff the outer surface of rice kernels. 
MPJT series rice polishing machine is a common Rice Milling Machinery people use during rice milling process. The series rice polishing machine has the follow features:
1. Use transducer solenoid valve, easy to operate, high automaticity;
2. Good effect in polishing, improve the commercial value of rice;
3. Humidify averagely;
4. High precision, high hard wearing polishing roller; 
5. Suitable for long shape rice.
MPJT Series Rice Polishing Machine market requirement is large. Most customers consult our staffs about this series rice polishing machine for rice processing. And customers in different countries all feedback us that this series rice polisher machine runs well during working.




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