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Several Technical stage of Wheat roller mill  
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paomo writes,  November 13, 2014

An industrial wheat roller mill has several technological phases, starting with coarse grinding of seeds to fine grinding of the resulted milling products, after their sorting in fractions of different sizes. The first technological phase of grinding process, in wheat mills, is gristing or coarse grinding phase, which also consists of several technological passages.

WHEAT ROLLER MILL involves rolling the outer bran layer off the kernel, scalping the germ (where all of the flavor and most of the nutritional oils reside), and then milling the starchy endosperm that remains into flour. The process punishes grains to such a degree that thin-branned kernels of traditional landrace wheat are destroyed by roller mills; only wheat varieties with extraordinarily thick bran layers—many of which are the product of scientific development—can survive the operation. 


In the grinding process is necessary to know the physic-mechanical characteristics of the material at the entry and exit from a processing machine, in this case, wheat roller mill. Main factors influencing the process of grain grinding are the physic-mechanical properties of seeds and of the grinding products, the constructive and functional characteristics of the grinding machines as well as the technological regime, most of those factors having a random character.


The innovative design and smooth efficiency of our wheat roller mill makes all grains more palatable and digestible by fracturing each kernel's outside hull, allowing digestive juices to penetrate more rapidly. You can also change over from corn to small grains in seconds. An eccentric adjustment and shear on the adjustable roll protects the mill against overloading, while the agitator assures uniform grain feeding


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