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What foods involve sugar cane?  
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Amy writes,  November 18, 2008

I have been having some health issues and recently took a test to see what foods my body reacts negatively to and Sugar Cane was one of them.... I am a little confused as to what foods contain sugar cane??? And if that means I shouldn't eat anything that will turn into sugar later in body, like fruits and breads????  Does anybody have a helpful web-site to go to for more information?

Sandee writes,  November 22, 2008

Hi Amy,

Sugar cane is just another word for processed sugar....it just sounds better as sugar cane.  Milk and fruits have natural sugar but wouldn't necessarily give you the same problem as sugar.  Of couse, check with your doctor. I would also suggest that you avoid sugar, high frutose corn syrup and the rest of the processed sugars along with white flours and anything made with them....if you're still having problems....go further.

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