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Louise writes,  May 04, 2014

Greetings everyone!

im in the Food Addicts in Recovery program here in the east coast. I started almost 10 months ago & have lost a little over 60lbs. 

I like the support & really like weighing/measuring my food. I'm almost at maintenance  now. The problem I have with the program is the variance of food plans based on a sponsors experience. For instance, I can't have nuts or brown rice cakes or any dried fruit because my sponsor's sponsor's sponsor found those addictive. when I ask about it they respond with "why is (insert food item here) so important to you? It's not that it's important to me, I just know that I would be able to eat them within my food plan (and have!) without breaking or causing cravings.  This seems to be a BIG Barrier for me in program- not so much the food as is the "my sponsor finds this addictive so you can't have it" mentality. 

I was overweight for sure but I never binged on any particular item. I grazed/starved myself & ate at night. now all those habits & cravings are gone (one day at a time!) and my abstinence is so important to me that I don't want to jeopardize it by leaving FA but I feel like I want more freedom in my abstinent food based on my own experiences & not someone else's binges. 

Your thoughts?

on a side note, my food is so beautiful, yummy & abstinebt that some people who have extremely simple food plans (one vegetable at a time, no seasonings, etc) think it's not abstinent, but it's ok with my sponsor. She actually asks me for recipes! The food is simple to me because I would good a lot before anyway- slaving away at the stove...but now, my food is so clean, so abstinent & I no longer Slave in the kitchen. Bonus! 



Sandee writes,  June 28, 2014

Hi Louise!  

I started this journey in a 12 step program and was satisfied for the 7 years that I followed it.  I became a nutrition consultant along the path and studied many different ways of eating, vegeterian, vegan, raw, the Blood Type, food combining, and more.  I tried many of them while adhereing to my food plan and enjoyed the benefits.  A couple of years ago....I'm not sure if it's 2 or 3 now.....my sponsor had to take a break from the program we were in to see to some health issues.  At that point I had a choice...well I always had a choice.....did I want to find another sponsor or did I trust where I was at....I chose to "research".  I eat very healthy, mostly vegeterian...because that is what my body likes....and refrain from sugar and flour as well as most processed foods....there are a few things I buy in a can like beans or I will occasionally eat flax crackers or corn chips....but rarely.....and that's as far as I go with processed.  I also indulge in sugar free syrups with Splenda...not on the health food list....but it's an indulgance.  My weight is about 6 lbs higher than it was....but I think that it was too low before....my husband and daughter tell me that I look better at this weight.....and I have been able to maintain it for all this time.  I needed the structure that I had and still follow healthy guidelines and am accountable....I don't know that I could have done that at any earlier point.  I believe that God led me to where I needed to be when I needed to be there....I believe that with all my heart....and I believe that he led me out as well.  My sponsor is back in the program we were in successfully and we are still friends.  I would suggest that you get with God and find out what he thinks you should do.....if you don't hear him right, you'll know and straighten it out.....just ask Him for each step before you take it.....He not only sees the road ahead, but around all the corners as well : ) 

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