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Corn Contains Various Nutrients  
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joannayan writes,  April 28, 2014
In modern life, people pay more attention to dietary health. Corn food comes into people's eyes accordingly. 
The corn gives the experts a pleasant surprise for its substantial healthcare contents of carbohydrates, protein, fat, carotene as well as IMOS, riboflavin and vitamin, which are greatly beneficial to prevention of heart disease and cancer. 
Modern research proves that Corn contains abundant unsaturated fatty acid, particularly linoleum acid is up to over 60%, which interacts with Vitamin E in germs to prevent cholesterol deposits in vascular wall by decreasing its concentration in blood. Corn has the function to prevent and treat coronary heart disease, atherosis, HLP and hypertension; Vitamin E could promote division of body cell to delay aging.
Corn is such a healthy food, which brings about a good market for investors to pioneer in corn processing machinery industry.
You can know more information of corn processing machinery on www.wintone-machinery.com
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