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Nicole writes,  November 19, 2013

Hey everyone! So I'm a college student who desperately wants to develop healthy habits not only for the sake of having a flat and sexy stomach, but also to love the feeling of overall well-being that I can get from eating right. 

Recently, I have been feeling overpowered by my sugar cravings. There are these really good chocolate chip cookies that are sold on campus and I crave them at least once a week. I eat extremely healthy for most of the week and then when it gets to that one day, I go buy a cookie. The problem is, if I deprive myself of the cookie, then I probably will end up binging on sugary items over the weekend because the taste of sugar is so addiciting that "you can't have just one." 

I want to give up sugar completely, unless I'm out for dessert with my friends or family. Will you guys support me in my journey to give up sweets and focus on the important things in life, like long-term well-being and thankfulness for my health? Much love to ya'll. <3 :-)

Sandee writes,  November 20, 2013

HI Nicole!

Of course we will support you : )  I think that better response could be obtained for all of us through face book.  Happy2beme.com  That way we could all talk and support each other throughout the day : )

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