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Tiffany writes,  November 05, 2013

This diet works better than expected! I have only been at it a couple days! Already I have seen a remarkable improvement in my skin and with my stomach. I'm hardly overweight, I thought I ate healthy and I'm active, but the acne and stomach problems got me looking into dons of different solutions: acne treatments, medications, going vegetarian, etc. My energy is soaring. Whats helped me with the transition is this website, and all of the recipe's listed here. Just wanted to share with everyone the interesting board I found on pinterest called no sugar, no flour diet. I'm hoping people who seet his will try their own versions and list them on this site, too. It just goes to show the many ways of eating we all stil lhave available to us. The hardest part is when you have to go out to eat. I went to salad and got a salad to avoid the bread, and didnt get crutons, however, I still got salad dressing which really is, unfortunately, jam packed with corn syrup and other sugars. Luckily, the dressing is not a big part of a salad like sugar is in most breads.

Nicole writes,  November 19, 2013

You're doing awesome, Tiffany. Keep it up! You're well aware of what you want to do and there's nothing stopping you. Nothing tastes as good as you feel, just remember that ;) Have a happy Thanksgiving!! Give thanks for having such a wise head and healthy disposition! 

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