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Turnkey Projects of Flour Milling Plant  
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jinggu writes,  June 20, 2013


Flour milling plant is usually a complete set equipment of flour processing grade. The output capacity of flour milling machine ranges from 5 tones to 500 tones within 24 hours. It has a unique steel structure that has automatic grinding features. These great features make anyone who uses the machine to produce different grades of flour for either commercial purpose or individual use.


The maize milling plant is simple to use. It’s a machine that combines different processes involved in milling. The raw materials go into the machine through a magnetic unit and a vibrating screen. The materials are then air sorted to remove the husks. This machine performs a series of process of cleaning the grain to removing the husks.


The installation time and cost is saved by the maize flour milling plant turnkey steel construction. This is because its steel structures of the flour milling machine have compact structure that maximizes the area of occupation.The flour milling machine can grind various raw materials. It can be wheat, rice, cassava and even maize. It all depends with the end product you want.



Smile http://www.flourmillmachine.org/

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