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Kathy writes,  May 08, 2013

My baby is two months old and I decided to rejoin CEA-HOW.  I stopped last year because of nausea and I wished I would have worked with my doctor and sponsor on some good adjustments so I could have remained abstinent.  Anyway, I went to the doctor who knows and understands polycystic ovarian syndrome which I have and she told me to get down to 130-140 pounds (I'm currently 190) and to go back on my "low carb diet" (which was CEA-HOW last year).  So I started last week.  I saw my son's pediatrician yesterday and my son is in the 8th percentile for weight and he asked if I'm on a diet.  I told him I was, and he told me to stop!  I listened to the lactation speaker in the CEAHOW 2010 conference and she said she was on the 2nd 30 day program when she was breastfeeding and didn't have any problems.  I'm just worried that by staying on the program, my son will suffer.  I would really prefer to breastfeed him.  Does anyone know what I should do?  I already have a call into my endocrinologist who understands PCOS to see how to adjust my food plan, but I just want to hear from people who have done no sugar no flour and breastfed.  How many calories were you eating??

Sally writes,  May 13, 2013

Are you working with a CEA HOW sponsor and your doctor on this? your medical professional is the best person to give you advice and prescribe a medical food plan to ensure you are healthy and abstinent while breast feeding.

Vanessa writes,  June 06, 2013

Hey Kathy - I did it preggers! all the way through.
My advice to you was that you MAY need to stay on the MAINTENANCE stage of the food plan, when my doctor looked that over they said "this is what you should be doing, nothing restrictive" and when I showed them the food plan postpartum they said the same thing; they said I'd lose weight as baby continued to breastfeed anyway.
Postpartum I continued the maintenance food for 3-4 months, after I established my milk supply (which takes about 2 months)... 

Also this way  you are including more healthy fats and carbs and fruits. This will give you a bit more variety in your food sources, calories and nutrients - also STAY on a prenatal vitamin and probably fish oil/vitamin D. 

THe other reason I say that is, the abstinent grains and fats are great for milk - Oatmeal/Oat Bran are great for milk production... If you can include seeds and healthy nuts as fats, that's great too (walnuts, chia seeds)...  whole grains have lots of nutrients; esepcially if you soak them before cooking so they begin to sprout (this eliminates phytic acid in them, which blocks nutrient absorbtion)... I would soak my oatmeal overnight and cook it in the morning.  

That's my feedback...
Right now, I am estranged from my DH, went through a really difficult time....
I am 7 months postpartum, returning to program. On Day 5 right now. I am doing the first 30 days at THIS point and feel my milk supply is well enough established that I should be all right. 

Look into milk boosting supplements too - protect that milk supply momma! it's literally liquid Gold. Fenugreek, you might want to take Dandelion Root for Iron (highly absorbent), mothers milk tea (yummy), and like I said, look for foods that help boost lactation. Healthy protein. 

Oh - and this too --- Consult with a lactation specialist at La Leche LEague! More than one if you don't find helpful feedback, too - LLL ladies are wonderful! I met some great moms in my town through going to a couple meetings so far. I highly reccomend calling them even if you feel weird reaching out to people you don't know - it's great.

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