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CAM writes,  April 08, 2013

What did you do when you were new that helped you to stick to the food plan?

doug  writes,  April 14, 2013

backed way off sugar, stevia instead. No flour was a challenge but went vegetable snacks and 0 junk food. Cut portions in half. Walked at least half hour or more everyday. Results=30 lbs lost never to return.

Sandee writes,  April 16, 2013

Staying off of the sugar and flour is crucial.  Write down why you want to do this.  How do you want to see yourself in 6 months, a year, 5 years?  What if you don't do this?  What will your life be like then?

For me, dealing with the emotional stuff that I was "running" from was almost as important as what I ate.  Exercise is also a major help....do what feels good....walking, yoga, DVD's.....or what you find the least offensive ; )  Get support....this is a huge life change.....huge.

Mary writes,  April 24, 2013

Get a sponsor . . . or someone who can help you be accountable with your food. Write down your food for the day and give it away to your sponsor or a food plan buddy . . . find someone who has what you want and ask them how they did it! You can do it . . . seeking help from my higher power is crucial . . . for me the food is but a symptom . . . I suffer from a spiritual malady that only a spiritual remedy can heal. You can do it! Remember to breathe . . .

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