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Making Peanut Butter... epic fail  
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Shelia writes,  February 19, 2013

Hi all... I attempted my first peanut butter today, and I am not impressed at all Frown. I think I overcooked the peanuts, and for some reason the spread is just way too thick....  I added oil and just a little raw honey, but it's still just thick and clumpy.  The processor whirred over 10 minutes, still thick and clumpy. Any suggestion on what I may have done wrong? Thanks!

Sandee writes,  February 23, 2013

Sorry that you didn't get your question answered Shelia....I've never made peanut butter....but I have ground my own at the store and they just put the roasted nuts through a grinder and out comes the nut butter.  I've also seen it done in the Vita mix.  Did you find your answer?

Shelia writes,  February 25, 2013

No Sandee, I never actually got an answer. I prefer to use raw peanuts and roast them myself. Reading the lables on Planters and other brands, there's sugar, MSG, and just wayyyyy too much sodium. If I start from raw, I assume I can control what's in it (I often think they do stuff to our food and they don't always label it.  Call me conspiratist, lol) I think what I did wrong was I cooked them too long.  I'll get another bag today and try again. I'll let ya know how it worked out :D

Sandee writes,  March 05, 2013

I use the "Once Again" brand....and they have raw almond, sunflower, peanut....lot's of good stuff : )  I'm out right now...but it sure sounds good.

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