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Sherry writes,  January 23, 2013

I have just started the no flour no sugar diet....and today at Sams Club I bought a rotisserie chicken....after I got home I realized that this might not have been the best thing to buy.  I usually get rid of the skin and use the meat for meals. Is this okay or does Sams Club or Costco use something that would hinder me on the diet?

Sandee writes,  February 01, 2013

HI Sherry,

I saw the same thing....I think that they put the solution into the meat with a syringe....but check with them the next time you go.


Roberta writes,  February 04, 2013

Better Health in Frandor sells rotiesserie chickens and I would beleive these would be a better choice. They do run around $9.00 though.

Ifnotforgrace writes,  February 16, 2014
Vanessa writes,  March 06, 2014

Ask for the ingredients. I think they are okay. I never had a problem with those, it's the sauces and sweet things  (like orange chicken) type dishes or breaded things that seemed like a problem... Just find out or call and ask if sugar is added. I believe they are gluten free, but that doesn't address sugar. 

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