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Agave or Honey allowed in CEA-HOW?  
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JoyB writes,  October 24, 2008

Is Agave or Honey allowed on the CEA-HOW diet.  I am thinking it is not, just wanted to be sure.  Thanks.

Sandee writes,  October 24, 2008

HI Joy,  Sorry, you're right, it's not.

Darlene writes,  June 07, 2011



I have read Dr. Gotts book and Agave IS allowed on this diet. It derives from the cactus plant. You can read about it on page 91. It is described as a natural fruit sweetner. It still has calories, but can be used in tea and coffee if you like. It tastes much better in tea though. Agave does not digest as fast as honey and therefore does not spike your glucose levels.

Hope that helps.


Melanie writes,  June 08, 2011

So I'm not clear on the Agave??? I read the comments on page 91 in his book, but not one of the recipes in his cookbook 2 years later are sweetened with agave. 

Tom T writes,  June 08, 2011

There are differences between CEA-HOW and the Dr. Gotts books.  If you are in CEA-HOW agave and honey are considered "sugars" and not allowed. 

Debbie writes,  June 09, 2011

Stevia is a natural sweetener and is allowed in the CEA-HOW program, I use it daily.

Lynda writes,  July 12, 2011

Stevia is the only one my body will allow........I'm not allowed agave or honey and the artificial sweetners do a number on my blood sugar and cravings. therefore, no diet sodas either. Sparkling water with essences are about as far as I can go. Water is my drink of choice ;)

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