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Happy New Year!!!  
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Sandee writes,  January 01, 2013

What goals do you have for 2013?  Your life is worth taking the time to dream, plan and live : )  Wishing you the very best year you can possibly have full of love, light, prosperity, peace and joy!

doug writes,  January 04, 2013

I just had to chime in and let everyone know how grateful to have all your reciipes available to me. I still have a lifesyle of almost no flour no sugar. Still keeping the wieght off just thinking how many solid nutrients before it goes in the pie hole. With new vegan girlfriend moving to AZ life is wonderful Happy New Year

kris writes,  January 07, 2013

so tomorrow im going no flour, no sugar. today i am planning and grocery shopping. was hoping coming here for support would help. my best friend did this may 2011 and lost 84 lbs. she looks great. i need to lose 92 lbs. i need this to help me. peace!

mi75 writes,  January 08, 2013

best of luck kris! it's such an awesome lifestyle. i have been on and off program for several years. when my head is right, i can do it quite successfully. but several things have derailed me over time.

i wish you the best of luck. sandee has a great site and is volumes of help!


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