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Vav writes,  December 05, 2012

How do you/can you use Tempeh as a protein? I thought 4oz would work, that's a serving and has 30 grams protein. I don't eat tofu, it's not healthy for people (my research) and I need good protein sources, I'm breastfeeding. Fermented soy products ARE good... unfermented are not (soy milk, tofu etc)...

Also, homemade or store-bought Seitan (gluten) how does that fit in? I'm vegetarian



Sandee writes,  December 10, 2012

I would use 2 oz for a meal Vav.  What does your doctor say for the amount of protein per day?  I also like a raw protein powder called, "Sun Warrior".  I would use the Seitan as a grain.

Sandee writes,  December 10, 2012

Another great sourse of vegan protein I have found are hemp seeds.  3 T have 10 grams of protein, they are easy to digest and have great fatty acids....hemp protein powder is also available.

mi75 writes,  December 20, 2012

i also use a Rice Protein powder (made from sprouted raw rice) and i use Unjury unflavored protein powder to  add to soups, drinks, etc. My DD needs non-meat/egg/nut sources of protein so i've done a lot of research!

Vav writes,  June 29, 2013

Thank you for the ideas! I wound up moving cross country shortly after that post so never got back to this forum until now lol
Thank you, thank you. great ideas for my daughter too, since i will want to do veggie proteins and stuff for her when she's ready for more solid foods, it's hard to find really good quality proteins that aren't full of hormones/etc... like grass fed dairy/meat etc 

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