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So discouraged! I don't understand :(  
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Missy writes,  October 22, 2012

I started no flour/no sugar 7 days ago.  I have not weighed myself since the morning I started.  I weighed myself this morning (so excited to do so) and I didn't lose one ounce!  Not one!  How can that be?  I ate under 10 grams of sugar a day and no flour at all except for a whole wheat wrap (2grams sugar) that I filled with veggies and hummus for lunch everyday.  So discouraged!

mi75 writes,  October 23, 2012

hi Missy- welcome! i am wondering if you are eating ENOUGH? it sounds almost ridiculous, but if you're not eating enough calories, your body will stop losing and hold onto everything you ingest. could you let us know a couple of things- first off, which plan are you, Dr Gott or CEA-HOW? also, could you post a typical daily menu? that will help. thanks!

MIssy writes,  October 23, 2012

HI Missy,

Yes, it could be so many things and it's hard to tell without knowing the details.  You are welcome to email me if you like.  sandee@happy2beme.com. 

Love and Light,


Vav writes,  December 05, 2012

Are you doing step work too? I have heard many stories of people doing the FOOD PLAN but not the STEPS... and it makes a world of difference.When they work the steps they usually begin to drop the lbs...

Diets don't work. The food plan is just another diet unless you work the 12 steps too... Hope you touch base with Sandee, I think she gets it :)


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