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Vita-Mix Super 5200
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Randi writes,  October 20, 2012

We are embarking on our journey starting Monday and I would love any tips, things you have found yummy, recipes, or anything else you might want to share!


thank you!


Sandee writes,  October 20, 2012

Salsa salad is a favorite of mine to take along for lunch....or just when I need to take my meal.  Good luck....and welcome aboard : )

mi75 writes,  October 21, 2012

when i first started, and when i re-start from an off time, i like to stick with basics. oatmeal, rice, salads, lean meats, lots of veg and fruit, veg soups, roll ups, grilled chicken and rice, and smoothies. the recipes here are great too. i read and re-read Dr Gotts books constantly to get renewed ideas too. i am SO glad to see somebody new here! welcome Randi!!!!!

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