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Everybody needs to check in!!!  
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mi75 writes,  August 17, 2012

hi all- just checking in to see where everyone is and how everyone is doing? boards have been a bit quiet. let's try to stay active here and support each other! for the Dr Gott followers, this is all we have for support and advice! CEA-HOW folks have a lot to offer each other as well!

post any summer highlights, lowlights, etc..

I fell off program AGAIN after my DH came home and announced he was quitting his job. stress eating alert- i've gained a TON of weight. but he's got a super awesome new job now so i'm back on program. summer went quickly, looking forward to a beautiful mid-west fall season! hope everyone is well.

 CHRIS-where are you!!!!

Doug writes,  August 18, 2012

I agree, this site is very helpful. As a divorced guy the shopping lists are invaluable.

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