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mi75 writes,  August 15, 2012

just checkin in, looks quiet! hope everyone is doing well...sandee- all geared up for an empty nest???

Sandee writes,  August 16, 2012

I have lots of things planned....I have a cleanse starting on Sept. 27...Brett's birthday, but he will be in CA....I'm going to a raw cerfication course at the end of October.....and Happy2beme will be the child I dote on : )  It's going to be so weird without either kid around....I really like my kids a lot!  I don't think that I could have picked them better if I tried....God knows exactly what He's doing : )


mi75 writes,  August 17, 2012

awww, you sound really happy, sad, eager and nostalgic all at the same time! i am going to send you an e-mail, i have a couple of questions and don't want to post on the forums, but glad to hear all is well...

Sandee writes,  August 20, 2012

I did get your email, did you get my reply?

mi75 writes,  August 23, 2012

yup, i will write u bAck...

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