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Chris writes,  June 17, 2012

On facebook Dr. Gott's family had stated that Dr. Gott died on June 13.  I went online to the ask Dr. Gott and it stated there too that he had died unexpectantly.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  I just thank God for him as he is saving my life one day at a time. 

Sandee writes,  June 17, 2012

Thanks for letting us know Chris, I didn't see what the cause was yet...so if and when anyone knows, please share it here.

mi75 writes,  June 26, 2012

yes, he passed on June 13. The obit that I received in my e-mail said that he died after a six year battle with Parkinsons disease. A coleague of his, an ER doc that he has had edit his column for years, will continue to do so, and his staff is going to give it a go at keeping his column going. it's such a huge loss for many of us...but at least we were blessed by 3 wonderful books that he had the chance to write before going Home!!!!! (p.s. HIIIIIIII Chris and Sandee!!)

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