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Natalie writes,  June 15, 2012

I am about 90% sure that on Tuesday I'm going to be told to go on a sugar free low carb diet. I've been suffering with eczema (adult onset) for about four years, and after eliminating capsacin, shellfish and caffeine, am still suffering from constant eczema. Sugar is the next thing that might be an issue, some kind of incorrect insulin response. I had a blood test a week ago, and go back to hear the results on Tuesday.

Since learning of this prospect, I've been paying attention to what I eat and noticing the presence of carbs (rice, potato, bread) in everything I eat. Convenience foods (hubs and I both work full time) are loaded with carbs, particularly those that are low on processed sugar.

Does anyone have any tips/meal plans that I can use to try and prepare myself for quitting sugar/carbs for four weeks? Apparently I have to quit ALL sugar (natural sugars included, so no fruit, not even stevia) and all grains for four weeks, and then slowly reintroduce sugars starting with fruit to find my "sweet spot" (pun intended?) where my sugar/carb consumption doesn't trigger my body's eczema response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hubs is diabetic, so ditching processed sugars isn't so much an issue, but losing the carbs (I often suffer from low blood sugar too, so that throws in an added complication) will be a huge challenge.


Sandee writes,  June 17, 2012

HI Natalie,

Did you look at the article on detoxification?  I would highly reccomend a 21 day cleanse then add back the grains, meats, (if you want them), and fruit...while working with your doctor....print out the article and see if he/she agrees with it.  I believe that I wrote about colonics in that article too....I also highly recommend a series of those.

Let us know how it goes and if you need any further help.

Love and Light,


mi75 writes,  June 26, 2012

i totally agree with Sandee on the detox issue...it can be a bit daunting, but I actually did it for the first time over a weekend (3 days only) and it worked wonders. i've done a few detox's since then and each is a bit longer than the last. i don't know if sandee would also have anything to offer on Hydro Colonics, but I've done that now too, and it was awesome. really. not embarassing or anything. very discreet and i felt like i literally lost about 30 lbs (really it was about 12). but still...all that junk caked to your colon wall only re-circulates the toxins through your body over and over...good luck!

Sandee writes,  June 30, 2012

Yes, I am totally for colonics and enema's! 

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