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Karen writes,  June 11, 2012

Hi, I'm constantly trying to loose 20 lbs.  I go down 7 up 5 etc.  I remember a long time ago a story on Dr. Gott's "No sugar No flour diet.  I just ordered his book, but wont get it for 1 week.  It might seem that 20lbs is not a lot of weight to loose, but it is for me.  Each day I wake up with the hope of sticking to something.  I'm 49 yrs old and have no metablism.  I googled support for No sugar no Flour diet and this came up.  Is this a support group also?  I look forward to comments and support from all of you.


Sarah writes,  June 11, 2012

Hi, Karen - I'm new to this, too, and just came across this site. I'd like to lose about 40 lbs, but more importantly, just want to stop making poor choices and treat my body better. I'm creeping up on 40, as is my husband, and we want to feel better as we age...not the opposite.

On my own about 2 years ago, I just decided to cut flour out of my diet. I didn't really watch the sugars, but I'm not a sweets eater, so I probably did that unintentionally. Anyway, I dropped 11 lbs in the first month. I stuck it out for 2 months and really don't remember missing my old foods. But one night, I decided it was ok for my husband and I to go out for our favorite pizza on a date night, and in typical fashion, after I'd "cheated" one time, I started backsliding, and the rest is history. When I backslide, it's like a great big food bonanza. Then my mother got ill and passed away, and food was just something I didn't want to have to think about. That approach caused me to gain 20 lbs (ugh) in about a year's time.

Enough is enough!

Last night I decided we're going to start a no flour diet again (today!) and I was looking it up online and came across Dr. Gott's book. I bought the Kindle version (so I have it immediately!). Anyway, I didn't know this was a "real" plan created by someone. His recipes seem really easy, and the plan seems just as manageable as I remember. Plus I like that he says you can just take a break when you want, and stop and start as you need to. I think this will help me not feel like I'm "cheating" if I opt for something different one evening.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling info, but good luck to you! We're starting today as well.


Karen writes,  June 11, 2012

Thank You so much Sarah, We are very similar becuase when my Mom dies Oct 2008, is when I started to eat and gain and loose and gain and she was my best friend.  Funny thing is, she was the one who use to tell me about this diet and I thought no way will I stop sugar and flour.  I know it works, because I have lost weight before trying to do that.  I just worry I wont stick to it.  So for me also today is Day 1, and so far so good, but then again its only 930 in the morning.  I cant wait for my book to come.  Could you let me know if we can half fruit.  This moring I had 2 eggs and 1/2 of grapefruit and 1 bottle of water.  

Sarah writes,  June 11, 2012

Oh yes, you can have fruit! Here's a list of what to avoid:

Anything that has the word "flour" in the ingredient list (including wheat flour, corn flour, barley flour, or rice flour)

Anything with added sugar, including cane sugar, beet sugar, honey maple syrup, corn syrup, molasses, glucose, and sucrose

So it's OK to have lean meats, low-fat dairy, potatoes, rice, brown rice, bulghur, oatmeal (without sugars), fruit, vegetables, cheese (but be careful with the saturated fat there), eggs, etc.

I just had my tennis lesson (and it's hotter than Hades here!), and now I'm having 3 eggs (I'm hungry) and some steamed broccoli. I plan to hit the grocery store in a bit and stock up for my family with all the good foods. My kids are on board with my husband and me whether they like it not! LOL!


Ara1 writes,  June 11, 2012

Hi everyone.  I've been doing no sugar (almost) no flour for the past 2 weeks, with one cheat day per week.  So far, I lost 8lbs.  I decided to add this one cheat-day per week, because I have experienced some yo-yo dieting in the past and hope it will not happen again this time.  In the past, I would be very restrictive, eating only the right stuff and no sugar and no flour for even a few months,  I would plateau after about 2 months, and then sooner or later I would slip and go back to sweets and breads again and put all the weight back on.  So I hope this time, this one day a week cheating will keep me on track.  I do not go crazy on that day, just have a slice of a cake I like, realize I don't really even like it that much and continue with the diet.  Did it twice, so far, second time was even a bit disappointed with the cake so happy to be back eating right.  They say that you do not get fat on what you eat once in a while in moderate quantity, what matters is what you eat most of the time.  So anyway this is my diet "model" for now, wish me luck and all the best to you as well!

Oh, by the way, in my case, what I also have to watch are fruit.  I love fruit and tend to overeat, really, I mean I can eat half a watermelon, plus a few apples, peaches, pears, plums and pineapple rings - all during one evening!  So I have imposed a limit for myself: one fruit in the morning and one in the evening tops.  It means I just cannot buy more than 2 fruit - if there were more at home, I would eat them!

Karen writes,  June 12, 2012

Wow Ara1!! 8lbs in two weeks?  That is awesome.  That really motivates me.  Also Sarah, thank you for letting me know what to stay away from. Maybe we could all check in with each other a couple days a week on this web site?  Yesterday my first day by dinner time I was starving.  I had a busy work day so I should of snacked after lunch then I would of been better.  But I had baked haddock thats all good but guess what I ate with it?  Yup a few french fries and a few popcorn shrimp because we did take out because I had nothing out of the freezer for dinner.  I know I have to plan better.  Now I feel like Day 1 and I already blew it, but on a positive not I had NO sugar yesterday!  I have already planned our dinner for tonight because I will be gone all day.  Sarah how did you do yesterday?

Sarah writes,  June 13, 2012

Checking in! I'm on day 3 and doing pretty well. I haven't cheated on the flour at all, but I confess (I like my drinks) to having 2 margaritas yesterday (which probably had some added sugar in the simple syrup mix). We went out for Mexican. I had my "usual" weird concoction (I'm a vegetarian as well): 2 scrambled eggs with a small salad and a scoop of spanish rice. I mix it all together like a salad. Stayed away from the chips, even though they are stone ground corn and technically allowed (at this particular restaurant, the chips are terrible anyway thankfully).

Right now I'm having my lunch: chopped iceberg lettuce, topped with a sautee mix I made with one small zucchini, some homemade polenta, a small scoop of 2% cottage cheese, and a couple of my "veggie chicken" strips (by Morningstar Farms). Topped with a little homemade dressing made of fresh salsa and 2 tbsp of sour cream. It's a HUGE bowl of food, with all the lettuce.

I also started my "couch to half marathon" program today (using an iphone app I bought). So I ran 2.2 miles this morning (mixed with walking ;). I'm training for my 4th half marathon in November and hoping to get my best time and get back to running the way I used to.

Karen, don't feel bad about the french fries. While they are fried, they're still no flour/no sugar!! :) I ate some fries when I did this plan before, and I still lost weight. I just didn't pair it with something awful. If I was out to eat & there wasn't much I could have, I'd get a small house salad (no croutons), and a side of fries, and that would fill me up & feel "fun". It's sometimes hard to find a lean meal when you're a vegetarian. Most veggie options are pasta-based, which doesn't help me! :) Another good staple I found when eating out is to get a baked potato (fixings on the side), and a small salad.

Anyway, so far so good for me & hubby. What we really want to watch is the alcohol...we both like our evening beverages. Sigh. Just want to be sure that we can still enjoy ourselves and not feel too restricted, without just mindlessly tossing back drinks we don't really want. So we're drinking lots of sparkling water with lime, and putting it in wine glasses, so it feels like a "drink."

Keep up the good work, ladies! Are you both working out? What do you like to do? Like I said, I'm doing this half marathon training, and I also play tennis about 3x a week.



Karen writes,  June 14, 2012

Good morning Sarah.  It sure sounds like you got a real good start to the new week.  As for the drinks.  If you just had one every night that wouldnt cause I problem.  Or maybe you could treat yourselves to a couple margaritas on the weekend.  Something to look forward to.  I have to say I probably have stuck to this 80% , not 100%  I crave something sweet.  I do good all day then after dinner bam!  I need something.  I'm trying to look at it this way, I made alot of changes this week, so it was better than not making any.  Weekends are my hardest.  I was faithfully working out and then we went to Orlando a few weeks ago and honestly I cant get my motivation back.  I have everything I need right in my house.  The marathon that your doing sounds so awesome.  Gets you going because you have too.  Keep up the good work and your post really motivate me to get my but into this 100%  I guess my excuse is I havnt recieved my book from Dr. Gott yet.  LOL


Ara1 writes,  June 15, 2012

It is hard to keep up eating the right food every day and even harder to stay away from the ones we love, especially when there is so much of good food lurking around and so many opportunities to do eat the bad stuff.  I have heard somewhere that most people nowadays are addicted to food.  Addicted to the food that tastes good, similar to being addicted to drugs or cigarettes or alcohol.  So losing weight, eating better and less, it is a serious a struggle, not an easy thing to do.  We just have to constantly  remind ourselves what it is that we want and what is our goal.  One slip or even one bad day can happen, we're human.  But next day, we have to do our best to do everything right.  Never completely give up because then pounds will pile up fast and it will be even harder to lose more weight. 

Sandee writes,  June 15, 2012

Hi All : )

Alcohol is sugar....sorry, and the only way that I know how to stick with this is to not have any sugar of any kind....other than fruit....but none of the processed sugars or starches.  Yes, they are very addicting....it's like scratching a mosquito bite, when you give in, it feels good in the moment but then the urge to scratch is so much stronger the next time.  Give yourself time to cleanse, just commit to one day at a time, but for 21 days....it takes 21 days to make or break a habit....and those foods and drinks are powerful addictions....but what ever you don't feed dies.....there are so many wonderful things that you can eat....focus on those, plan ahead, have someone to be accountable to....and keep up with the fellowship : )

Sandee writes,  June 15, 2012

I also just want to add that the more days you put together, the easier it gets....and the more odd it will seem to indulge in those things.  I never thought that I could live without sugar, alcohol, things made with pasta, cigarettes, coffee....but amazingly with the help of God....and I find a lot of support in 12 step groups.....I'm not a slave to any of those things any more....but it's also contingent on my abstanence from them....one day at a time....and I am having a very happy life : )

Jim writes,  June 18, 2012

I am new to this - 2 weeks - and feel SO MUCH better.  I haven't liked the way sugar makes me feel so that is motivating me to stay away from it - I gave up sugar the first week and added white flour the second.  I am on my way!

I don't know if I have lost any weight - I think I have - I am just so happy to be feeling better!

Karen writes,  June 19, 2012

It is so true how sugar can make you feel so lousy, but still as for me I still crave it.  I wanted to start this last week and I really didnt do good.  I finally recieved my book from Dr. Gott and read the whole thing right away.  Yesterday I did fabulous, no flour and no sugar.  I like how he says "slow and steady wins the race"  I guess what happens to me if I dont see quick changes on the scale I quit.  I really am going to do it this time.  Hope everyone is doing good also.  Have a great day!

mi75 writes,  August 31, 2012

i'm wondering how all of these folks are doing?!?! sounds like everyone got a great start. please check in and let us all know how it's going! likes, dislikes, favorite meals, etc. The support at this site is invaluable, and it's so much better when people regularly check in!

Doug writes,  September 24, 2012

I have found the no sugar and limited flour works wonders for me. a year and a half and its a lifestyle. Zero craving for sugar! Kinda makes me ill even thinking about it. Lost 15 lbs never put it back. I am 66 yr old man and have tons of energy, still working, go out dancing, hiking and any other trouble I can find. Do I still enjoy occasional beer, wine and ethnic foods YES! Love my fruits and add vegies to everything.Thank you all for recomendations, my ex never gave a darn what I ate, now I'm in control! Good luck Doug in Denver

mi75 writes,  September 24, 2012

good for you doug! sounds like you have your system down for YOU. everybody finds little tweaks that work for their needs.

i wish more people would check in. i'm on site every day and have been for about 3 years but i feel like SO many people have left!

hoping everyone else is doing well too! please check in...

Kim writes,  October 14, 2012

Hi all - I don't have this book, but I've just always "known" flour and sugar were the enemy:)  One day so far, but it has felt like a week.  Headaches, exhaustion (that may be because I'm caring for my 2 and 1 year old!).  Is anyone still on here?  I'm not really into cooking, but I am definitely going to get bored with rice and vegetables every night for dinner... what do you all eat in a typical day?

Sandee writes,  October 14, 2012

Hi Kim,

Welcome to the site!  I have been eating this way for 7 1/2 years.  I think that the trick is to find several things that you like....healthy meals.....that you can make easily and feel satisfied with and just rotate them....especially with your busy schedule.  When you feel like trying something new...and you will....do it when you have time. 

Kudos to you for starting this now!  It's so much easier to teach our kids good habits from the start than to try and unteach them bad ones later : )

If you need personalized help, I do coaching but don't have the information up on that yet.  You can contact me via email if you need me.

J  writes,  October 15, 2012

Hello! Really excited to let go of flour. I did not realize that gluten free flour had the same effects as gluten flour in the brain and weight areas. Anyway. I am gearing up and making the internal adjustments to just take it one day at time. While it's so difficult, it doesn't have to be I realize. I make it difficult when thinking too far in advance or worrying about celebrations. With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!

mi75 writes,  October 16, 2012

I AM STILL HERE!!! Hi to all still present! i LOVE this site and sandee...she has supported me through the past 4 years of on/off program swings. i am currently ON program and doing well. so excited to see a couple of new people here. PLEASE keep coming back. this site is about the ONLY one for no flour/no sugar that has forums to talk.. it's my connection to others in this lifestyle. keep up the good fight!

Sandee writes,  October 17, 2012

Thanks Tiffanee....I'm clicking the "like" button : )

Missy writes,  October 22, 2012

I started no flour/no sugar 7 days ago.  I have not weighed myself since the morning I started.  I weighed myself this morning (so excited to do so) and I didn't lose one ounce!  Not one!  How can that be?  I ate under 10 grams of sugar a day and no flour at all except for a whole wheat wrap (2grams sugar) that I filled with veggies and hummus for lunch everyday.  So discouraged!

mi75 writes,  October 22, 2012

first off, congratulations for taking steps to better yourself. this program DOES work. check your portions, keep a food journal, etc. you may also find, and i think that Sandee will agree, that there are still certain foods that you can't eat because they are either trigger foods OR your body has sensitivities to certain foods that prevents it from losing (for ME, wheat and corn of any type make be bloat and i won't lose)...hang in there. it will start to come off!!!!

Gretchen writes,  April 21, 2013

Stumbled across this website looking for no flour no sugar dinner ideas. The motivation I'm getting through reading the honest experiences is a wonderful dessert. 

CS writes,  March 06, 2014

Hi - Hoping that this site is still active.  I just started the no flour/no sugar program on a lark.  I have never dieted in my life so this is a bit weird for me.  I've always been lucky enough to be relatively thin, and have exercised regularly and have a reasonably good diet.  However, now that I am in my 50th year, I have that little pooch.  I also have gotten into some bad eating habits - starting to eat chocolate and drink coffee again (which I had given up in my 20s).  So my goal is to give up coffee completely and loose 5-10 lbs.  I had heard good things about the no flour/no sugar diet and wanted to at least try it.  I've been on it only 5 days, but the thing that has shocked me the most is the amount of sugar that is added to almost everything!!  We have such an added-sugar epidemic - unbelievable.  So I'm learning alot and will probably buy the Dr. Gott book just for the recipes.  The great thing is 5 days in (haven't weighed myself yet) but I feel energetic.  I think this diet will make it easy for me to abstain from caffeine!

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