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Heather writes,  May 15, 2012

Hi Everyone,


I am reading some of the wonderful recipes on this website and have noticed it says for grains 4ounces instead of like 1/2 cp of brown rice. Do you guys weigh out your grains no matter what they are?

Oh and this is for those doing CEA-HOW



Linda H writes,  May 30, 2012

I've noticed that too and mostly I just measure with a measuring cup my 1/2 c. (which is 4 ozs on a measuring cup) but if I measure out 1/2 c. of brown rice then put it on my scale, it's about 3.5 ozs.  So if I'm plating my meal to heat in the microwave, I'll keep it simple and weigh the rice, my protein, and my veggies before heating it up, therefore keeping from getting my measuring cup dirty also.  That's what I do.  Hope it helps and glad y'all are here. 

Sandee writes,  June 13, 2012

It helps with accountability to weigh and measure...although not at a resturaunt, you learn to eye ball food : )  This site originated with the cea how food plan, but it has been for anyone wanting to follow a no sugar no flour way of eating....I am no longer in cea how....I will always be so grateful for it.....I still follow the no sugar, no flour, (abstinent) way of eating....any one who wants to use this site is welcome : )

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